Monthly Goals- December 2018

Hi Lovelies!

Welcome to the start of the new month! Christmas is officially here so bring out the christmas jumpers from the back of the wardrobe, it’s time to celebrate! (Although, a few of you might have been banging out the Christmas tunes since Halloween ended… or was that just me?)

What better way to start off this month than with a goal? Seeing as that fateful time in January is arriving when people make empty promises to join the gym, I have decided to do more realistic goals. Goals that are meant for the month rather than the year. Care to join in?

My December Christmas goal for you? To call and talk to the ones you have lost contact with. Whether it’s an old friend, or a distant family member, my goal is to call someone you wouldn’t normally to see how they’re doing. Let them know that they are loved and cared for. That you are thinking about them. Even the slightest call can help change someone’s life.

It is the festive time of the year, where it is too cold to even leave your bed, let alone the house. A time that should be spent watching cheesy movies and eating one too many from the biscuit tin. A lot of us don’t truly go home until later on in the month so I have tried to take that into consideration when picking our goal. Why wait to contact certain people on Christmas Day when you can do it now?

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, during the holidays, you will be surrounded by family and/or friends. Celebrating the love you have for one another. (Hopefully falling asleep halfway through the day due to the surplus of food you ate, with the TV playing Strictly Come Dancing‘s Christmas Special.) But there are always the ones that will be alone on Christmas. Some people don’t have the family nor friends to enjoy the holidays like you. Those that feel alone right now, and will do even after the holidays.

I myself am planning to call friends that I haven’t spoken to for a few years. I’m also going to try and talk to certain members of family to amend past disputes. December is the month of reconnection. Of checking in on old friends and family members that you wouldn’t normally do and sharing the love.

Because if you won’t do it, who will? All it takes is a simple call.

Loren X

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