Self-Love #1: Do NOT hide those rolls!

Hello, lovelies!

On this week of self-love, I have decided to tackle the issue of size and fashion within social media.

Why do I think I have such a privilege? I don’t. However, I believe that social media can be seen as the main source for viewing someone as attractive due to their size. (And I know that Buzzfeed has probably rinsed this fifty thousand times, but I wanted to express my own personal opinion.)

So many ignorant people in the world just tell women that if they don’t like the way they look, they should just gain/ lose the weight. What these people don’t seem to take into consideration is the fact that some people have medical conditions like PCOS (like myself) or Diabetes that cause them to drastically gain and/or lose weight. There are even some people who are naturally born that way and therefore cannot change their genetic code. You can’t assume to know someone based upon your own experiences.

However, this is about the style of clothes. Most clothing websites (ASOS and Misguided to name a few) try to generate almost impossible aspects of sizes to impose on women. If they don’t fit that particular lifestyle, you’re usually given a different label such as ‘plus size’ or ‘petite’. I myself, don’t like these words. They could demoralise healthy women just because they don’t have enough/ or too much of the aspects in which social media is trying to persuade as the ‘ideal size’. Slimmer women try to alter themselves and risk harming themselves in order to gain weight or fill out the bust of their tops, while the thicker woman also ends up demoralised and tries to slim down.

I believe that we should end the titles. I believe, in order to love yourself, you have to let go of the prejudice you have against others. But that is not only my message today. I believe that you should love your body, no matter what it looks like. I know that I have more rolls than others, I am in no means an unhealthy person and try to eat well and be as active as I can. Therefore, I am learning to love my body and all the rolls it has.

There are many misconceptions about what thicker and slimmer women can wear. My challenge is to tackle these ‘fashion rules’ and to get rid of them altogether. Wear that bodycon if you want. Show off your legs. Show off your midriff! This is the only body you have therefore you have the right to wear whatever the heck you want with it!

Loren X

5 thoughts on “Self-Love #1: Do NOT hide those rolls!

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  1. You are so right about these companies portraying bodies the way they think we should look. That’s why I stick to Fashion Nova. They have girls that have bodies like me: tall, thick thighs, lil boobies. They have amazing high waisted pants so my tush is hidden. I’m obsessed. And their plus size look like real girls we see on the street.

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