An Important Life Lesson…

Dear Lovelies,

As I am on my year abroad in Madrid, I have made a revelation. One that inspired me to start this blog and helped me delve back into my creative side overall.

Sometimes, you need to be selfish.

Now I know that a lot of you will perceive me to be bitchy with this statement, but please, don’t take it to heart. Throughout my journey in Spain, I have been alone. I have had to make friends alone. I have even had to learn the language alone. Therefore it will make sense for me to think for no one but myself while I am here.

Some of you will not have experienced a year abroad, or have yet to take it, so let me put this into context for you. Why did you go to school? Why did you take that internship? Why are you in university, or work? The answer definitely wasn’t to meet friends. You are there to improve your own life. To gain money or to study a subject that YOU wanted to do. Everything you have done has been to improve your own life.

It never seems intentional, does it? You honestly don’t think about it until you’re truly alone. There have been certain things that I would have normally declined to do. However, I am only in Spain for such a short time. I need to be selfish and make sure that when I return home to London, I have no regrets.

How does this apply to you? You may have an important decision coming up. A decision that will impact you and the ones around you. Whether it is a new job, starting in a new school/university, or moving to a different town. All of these things have an impact on your life, on your future, and those around you. So how are you make this decision? Are you really going to sacrifice something that will change your life for the better, for the sole reason of staying with your friends or certain family members? Or will you take the risk in doing it for yourself and seek and all the benefits that will come to pass?

Once you have realised this, it is a really tough decision to make. If you want my personal opinion, I think that you should be selfish and think for yourself because this is the only life you have, therefore you should be doing everything you wish to make the life you’re living with the best.

Just remember: being selfish isn’t always a bad thing.

Loren X

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