Monthly Goals- January 2019

Dear lovelies,

Happy New Year! I honestly can’t believe 2019 has arrived so quickly!

Now that the Christmas festivities are finally coming down to a close, you now have to venture back into the real world. You have to take down the tree and all the decorations, you have to finish off the last turkey sandwich, no matter how sick of turkey you have become.

And you have to start thinking about new years resolutions.

As I said in my previous monthly goal post I am no longer thinking about making year long resolutions. Instead, I want to make month long goals that I would definitely be able to achieve. This way I won’t give up halfway as the tasks I’ve picked will be more realistic and simple.

So what is this month’s goal?

With the old redundant saying “New Year, new me.”

This does not mean that I want you to reinvent yourself, rather I would like you to go through your wardrobe, see the clothes that you no longer wear, and donate them to charity (or if you don’t have a charity shop nearby you can throw them away).

After all, what better way to start a new year than with a new revised wardrobe?

Every year after Christmas most of us usually tend to spend our Christmas money shopping (be it for more clothes or otherwise) but how many of us go through our old clothes? The impact of this is that you tend to have a wardrobe that is overflowing with things that you have hardly worn, nor do you want to wear again. (This is especially true for me.)

Now that I am home for the holidays I am going to go through the boxes of clothes that are under the cupboard in the stairs and I will get rid of the things don’t fit me, that I don’t like, or that I have never worn. Before you fully give away your clothes, ask family members if they would like to take some, or even friends. That way you are not throwing everything away.

Let’s begin this year with a bang!

Loren X

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