Impactful Quotes #1


You might not know this but I am a HUGE bookworm.

I suppose you can thank my family for this. I was the odd one out at family events, therefore I relied on my Nintendo DS and books to pass the time.

It is through this that a few words have stayed with me throughout my life.

This might sound surprising, but the first quote is not from books like ‘Harry Potter’, or ‘Lord of The Rings’.

It is from ‘Hamlet’. 

Such a depressing book I know. When I read this for school, I never thought I would ever enjoy a book written in such old language. But this one stood out so much to me, it actually became the catalyst of my love for Shakespeare .

What quote you say? Here it is:

‘This above all, to thine own self be true’.

Why this quote? This quote is almost the epitome of self-love. What better way to live your life but the way you want. (Warning. Mini Hamlet essay below.)

Hamlet is the epitome of a tragic character. He was haunted by the ghost of his father who was killed by his uncle and is now married to his mother.

If that doesn’t sound stressful, I have no idea what is.

However, although the outside world believed Hamlet to be descending into madness, he was being nothing but himself. Sure, he was sometimes unsure of his actions, but in the end, he was able to get what he wanted.

Sorry for my ramblings, I am a Literature student and I do believe that a small amount of knowledge is always helpful.

This quote has always helped me. Whenever I’ve felt unsure of something, I remembered this quote and have listened to my own beliefs rather than depend on someone else.

I hope this helps you be more true to yourself too.

Loren X

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