It’s My Birthday!

Dear lovelies,

Like I said in the title, today is my 21st birthday! (Also the day I found yet another grey hair… sad.)

While today is a special day, it is also quite subdued. I have class from 9am to 9pm, and will not be travelling home until the end of the week.

So, I have decided to spend this time looking inside myself for the reason why. Why I’m doing the things that I do? What is the reason behind where I am in life at the moment?

I remember being in a lesson where the teacher showed us a picture of an iceberg, and stated that this shows the fundamentals of a person. What is visible and obvious about them (for example, what they like/ don’t like) is just the tip of the iceberg. All of the values and beliefs are under the iceberg and are a lot more important. They are your internal dialogue. When people offend us, they’re like the titanic hitting the bottom of the iceberg. 

So today I wanted to figure out what was at the bottom of my figurative iceberg.

What are my beliefs? What do I see as the most important thing in my state of nature? I spent time asking myself these open ended questions over and over until I came down to one conclusion.

I want to inspire people.

This might sound very vague, but it is literally the foundations of where I am right now in life. I was inspired by books as a child, which drove me to study literature. I was inspired by the Spanish language, therefore I decide to study abroad in Spain.

We are all driven by our beliefs and decisions, however, there had to have been something that inspired these values in the first place. You could have been inspired by monopoly as a child, which has unconsciously moulded you into studying business and economics.

There isn’t really a message within this post, rather that I just wanted to share with you something personal that I have discovered within myself. If you would also like to try this, ask yourself why you are studying a particular subject, or why you are working at a particular job. (What for?, What is the reason behind this? Questions like these.) Here is a picture of my results below:

I hope you can discover what values are hidden inside you.

Loren X

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