A Memory #1: The Time I Almost Drowned

Hello lovelies!

I thought I’d treat you all to a memory of mine (actually, this is my mum’s as I was far too young to remember everything) of how I almost died when I was about 2 or 3 years old.

I was in Jamaica, for a wedding. And my lucky lil self had obtained the role of being the Flower Girl (AKA the MOST important person of the wedding barring the bride).

A little backstory before I start the tale; I had just started my swimming lessons, and therefore was completely confident in my (lack of) ability to swim. Knowing myself, (as this still happens whenever I start something new) I can just tell that little Loren most likely dominated the class, trying to take over the role of the teacher, even though I probably had no clue what I was talking about.

Now, what I DO remember about that day is that there was an annoying American girl who I completely didn’t like. She was ginger, and wore a bright pink tankini which I thought made her look like a tomato (no offence to my darling redheads), and worse of all, she could swim.

As my mum constantly likes to remind me about this event is that the girl was around 6/7 years old, compared to my toddler self, therefore it was only logical that she could swim.

I however, was not amused.

So, when I see this girl (who I expect to be annoyed with due to the fact that she was only showing off in my eyes) in the pool swimming, the only rational thought that came into my head was to prove myself better than her, and to all those who didn’t know how amazing I am.

Cue lil me screaming that I could swim and jumping straight into the deep end of the pool… without my floats on my arms.

There was panic. My mum was screaming. Both the life guard and my uncle dove after me.

When they got me out of the pool I was lightly spluttering because some water got into my mouth, but other than that I was completely fine.

Moral of the story (for myself) is to not let jealousy take over, as I tend to act instinctevly rather than rationally.

I hope you liked this random tale!

Loren X

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