Learning To Love My Hair: #2 Reactions

Dear lovelies,

Welcome back to another hair blog! How’s your day going today? I hope your having an amazing time.

On this hair care journey, I wanted to talk to you about the different types of responses I have gotten due to my hair being natural.

In a world where black people are being discriminated within schools, the work place, and sporting events due to their hair, I wanted to honestly ask you guys a question:

Why is there a need to deem natural hair as unprofessional or distracting?

This has been an issue that I have never understood. Even more so now, when I have left my hair natural for almost two years.

I do have to say that I have received both negative and positive remarks about my hair, and even some ignorant responses on what I should be doing with it. However, this is NOT a rant. This is just a simple observation of what I’ve experienced over the time that I’ve been natural. And, hopefully, you can answer this question for me.

– I have had to justify the reasons why I wear my hair natural. Sounds crazy, right? In a world where the majority of the world wear their hair in a natural state, I have been questioned why I leave mine that way. I am opposed to spending time and money damaging my hair in order to suit western society. If the necessity to have my hair straight is so high, then hair modifiers like relaxers or perms would be free. Instead, they target a specific cultural group and gain profit by abusing these western ideals. (In my opinion at least.)

-Random strangers have placed their hand on my head, complimenting the soft texture of my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand people’s surprise at how soft my hair is, given how coarse it looks. But please. I would never run my hands down someone else’s hair, or tug at the ends to see how far it stretches. To invade someone’s personal space like that is just not right in my book. I do not know how clean your hands are either, so even if you were to ask to touch my hair, the answer would still probably be no.

I love my hair. I love walking in the street with my kinky coily crown. I love inspiring younger children by saying that my hair defies gravity. I love the trial and error experience I get when trying new methods or products. It’s all a matter of growth. All of these experiences I’ve had with other people have only proved how much I love my hair. I’m not doing this to please anyone but myself.

Therefore, I am still in wonder about how something like leaving a person’s hair natural can have an impact at work or in school. They have not dyed their hair an obscene colour, nor have they shoved it in people’s faces for it to be a distracting thing. If anyone has a valid answer, please leave me a reply.

I believe that deserves the chance to wear their hair whatever the way they like.

Loren X

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