Monthly Goals- March 2019

Dear Lovelies,

Is it me, or has this been the slowest February of all time? Also, what is up with the weather lately? This time last year in London, it was snowing, but now it has been considered to be the hottest February of all time.

We REALLY need to do something about the planet.

Back to this month’s goal. Due to the fact that lent is coming , I have decided to focus on my health this month. Completely cutting from fast food, and hopefully trying to make more healthy options.

I am not doing this to ‘loose weight’, rather than to just increase my overall health. Most of the day I am always fatigued or have less energy or effort to do things. I believe that by cutting back on a few unhealthy choices, I should see some improvements by the end of the month (this is definitely needed as exam season is around the corner).

I know that this post is shorter than usual, however, this monthly goal is not as impactful. It’s just something I wanted to experiment on. Rather than force myself into a diet and eat loads of ugly vegetables.

I hope you enjoy the month!

Loren X

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