A Year In Spain #1- Leaving For Erasmus

Dear Lovelies,

Some of you may know that I am currently on my study abroad in Madrid at the moment. There were a lot things that have led me to this decision, and my reasonings behind them were slightly different to others, therefore I thought I could share with you my experience before I left to help others out there.

Now the reason why I say that my experience was different is due to the fact that, out of the 5 universities that I had to apply for, I only picked one.

Yes, you read that right.

I am naturally a stubborn person. I knew that I wanted to go to Spain and I wanted to continue to study Literature. The only predicament that I has was that there was only one university that had literature modules. I was literally putting all my eggs in one basket and asking fate not to drop them.

Lady Fate seemed to be in my favour as the university accepted me!

Madrid is so similar to central London. It is busy, work orientated, and never sleeps. The public transport is so similar, with the metro even being slightly more efficient than the London Underground. Therefore it was hard to be homesick as everything was so similar, just in another language.

Now of course there were other issues that I had to struggle with while in the country but I will save it for another time.

I guess if there has to be a moral to this short tale, it would be to take that one risk and see where you end up. I have no regrets so far, do you?

Loren X

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