Visual Impairment vs Real Life

Dear lovelies,

When trying to tell someone that you have a visual impairment there are usually two main responses that I get:

1) “But you’re wearing glasses. Shouldn’t your eyesight be fixed?”

This comment goes to those lucky few with the ideology that all glasses fix your eyes. Sure, some people are lucky enough to only need glasses to have perfect 20/20 vision, but what about the ones who can’t? For me, I have other issues within my eyes that makes it impossible for my vision to be corrected completely by just glasses alone. Instead, my glasses makes my vision as clear as it can. It’s hard to explain but even with my glasses, I don’t see 20/20.

2) “How many fingers am I holding?”

The people from category two are those that don’t understand what it means to be impaired visually. It is fairly easy to see how many fingers someone is holding up when the background behind them is a contrasting colour to their skin. Nether the less, the amount of people that ask this question believe that by seeing someone’s fingers, you automatically have 20/20 vision.

I believe that a lot of people do not take a visual impairment seriously, unless the person is fully blind.

No one really understands what someone is truly going through unless they are experiencing it themselves. The same can be said to those who have any kind of invisible impairment or disability, or even those suffering from a mental health condition.

I hope to share with you (in my next post) an invisible visual disability I have that I have had to teach my friends and family to understand.

Until next time,

Loren X

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